Processing bottled water on request, label templates of customers.

      Bottled water is a purified water produced on modern lines, eliminating the toxins and microorganisms harmful to the body while retaining the substances that are good for our health. With the travel companies, hotels, restaurants ... the demand for bottled water is very large and regular. So why not design your own label, water bottle under the brand of the company?

      These special bottle caps will help bring a new air, a simple but effective marketing method. Your partners, customers will be surprised with the new style, the professional working environment of the business. In addition, the bottle cover, the label image, the company's products will contribute to inspiration and motivation to work for the staff of the company.

      VIETNAM A & B INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY is proud of being one of the leading companies in bringing pure water to users, contributing to protect the public health and development of the country. .
      We are specialized in supplying pure bottled drinking water to the market. Pure drinking water factory, specialized in producing all kinds of bottled beverage products from 350 ml, 500ml ...

      Not only that, but we also provide bottled labeling services according to customers' requirements. Just give us the labels and stamps you would like to add to our pure water jar. We will bring the images on a pure water jar that inspires messages to the user.


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Address: 145 Dinh Xuyen Industrial Park, Ha Huy Tap, Gia Lam, Hanoi
Phone:  +84.24 3698 3062
Email: [email protected] - Website: www.abvietnam.com.vn


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